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The death of Bobby Leach

The Death of Bobby Leach

Bobby Leach was a true adrenaline addict who became the second person, and the first man, to ride over Niagara Falls in a barrel in 1911. (The first person to pull this stunt was an American schoolteacher named Annie Edson Taylor.)

Bobby Leach and his barrel

Contrary to what you may expect, he survived this daredevil enterprise, though his both knees and his jaw were fractured and he had to stay in hospital for 6 months to recover. (Still, others were not as lucky as he was. Since 1901, about 15 people tried barrelling over the Niagara Falls, and 5 of them have died.)

This adventure marked a turning point in Bobby Leach’s life. He became famous, and travelled all around the world, giving talks about his unusual experience, posing with his barrel for the photographers.

His promotional travels have finally taken him to New Zealand, where he slipped on an orange peel while walking on the sidewalk, and severely injured his leg.

His leg became infected, and later developed a gangrene, so doctors had to amputate it.

But even this extreme measure was not enough to save Leach, and two months later, he died of complications that were related to the infection of his leg.

Bobby Leach survived a jump over Niagara Falls, but ironically, he died because of a stupid orange peel dropped on a sidewalk in New Zealand. Visit us at.

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